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27 hours of hot lovin’

panama children

it’s not barbecued cuy, but I love the arroz frito over at Manolos. still, i don’t like that the staff allows street people to come inside and grift me when i’m eating.

This morning i wave off the usual suspects before a young boy stops in. when it comes to street urchins I’m a soft touch. i can’t blame a kid just because his idiot parents have pimped him out.

i ask if he’s hungry, and buy him lunch. but an hour later he’s out on veneto busking for change. some things never seem to change. every year panama has a telethon to help kids. every year i see malnourished children in the street.

the Chileans have a telethon to help children as well. this year, Chile’s most famous prostitute, an angel named Maria Carolina, has made an unusual pledge.

“I will work during the time that the program lasts in order to earn money for the children of the Teletón, and then deposit it in the bank. They will be my own 27 hours of love.”

a novel idea. screwing for kids. usually they just get screwed. while many Latinos are fine with cheating, spousal abuse, gambling, and heavy drinking, most would balk at dropping their pants for charity.

maria carolina

it’s a catholic thing. there’s something immoral about sex without love. i guess that’s why Maria says she’s offering love to her clients. calling it “sexo para los ninos” might offend some folks.

Maria’s hot, but not cheap. she charges $290, OR 150,000 pesos, for 90 minutes of divine pleasure. sorry kids. i need only 4 minutes to come off. i think that means my prorated donation will be around $13.

Chilean johns are saying Maria’s contribution to the children of Chile could be as much as $4000. bravo maria. and good for Chile. but what of panama? are there any plucky Panamanian prostitutes willing to get naked and help these poor kids out?

On the net – Maria Carolinasantiago times

photo of the nogbe bungle children by dsassso@flicker

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  1. The link to Maria's site has too many http's.

    Thanks to the crazy Brit canoeist whose wife was discovered in Panama I found your site at the weekend. I must send him a beer or something, although I don't think he will be allowed to drink it where he is going.

    I have had a ball reading your stuff but was starting to think I had found the blog just as you abandoned it. Glad to see you are back and I look forward to further installments. (Particularly the R rated ones if I am honest.)

  2. thanks for the heads-up mike. maria's link is working again. she's got quite a gallery of pics if you're on your way to chile, or looking for r-rated material.

    i'm still here. just been busy with personal stuff, and getting the other site up and running. in addition to wanting to write a book, i may re-work "panama after hours."

    i'll likely break it up. the main page would be a more serious and touristy "the panama pages", and it would be linked with the sexier, darker "panama after hours", and the most foul "daily distractions."


  3. Hey!

    All that's fine, Cohito with your sojourn & all.. but what about answering my last post under the lizard thing story or whatever it was concerning the flooding rivers etc in Panama.. and the tabloid pic of the guy with his pecho laying on the gurney! I presume he got fashizzled in some way or other..!

    Hope you weren't some DHS's sock puppet on the way thru the airport up there ;).

    Also, I couldn't believe this story!! You mean to tell me there's actually kids begging for money & stuff at your favorite eatery?!! Fouling your appetite?? Say it ain't so, bro!! Not in panama anyway!!


    Mr Wonderful

  4. sheeeeeeeee-yit!!

    I just cruised over to 'daily distractions' and cojito, you are getting faced over there something raw!!! you better stick around here and lick your wounds for awhile!! whew! & I thought *I* had it bad! YIKES!!

    mr wonderful

  5. my wonderful – that guy was shot. happens all the time here. la critica likes to feature bloody bodies on the front page. the flood story was on page 2.

    i would have answered you earlier, but you've moved to costa rica, and we don't like ticos in panama lol. send us some guaro and all will be forgiven.

    have i been attacked over at daily distractions? heh, i can't imagine why.

  6. Cojito,

    rolftmofodepty!, drank some guaro yesterday, CURED my sore throat & swollen glands (OK OK, no cheap shots please!) all in one fell swooop! $2USPesos/small bottle too.

    Anyhow, did you see 2 weeks ago where the USPeso took a 4% dive against the colone? LOL!!! Now that's something to laugh about.. So all you brilliant expats took a 4% hit on your USPeso denominated accounts.

    PURA VIDA or whatever!

    PS. I ain't no tico :) But the *ticas* here make panamanian trim look like warmed over mierde;) IMHO only!!

    Mr wonderful