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the peoples very annoyed

as some of you may know, I’m out of town (re: in hiding after an unfortunate encounter with a horny donkey). there’s no way I can report authentically on the rioting and fear that’s gripped Panama. so one of our interns, Alex, a native, and part time sex worker, has filed this report from the mean streets of panama city.

baby (and esteemed readers of panama after hours) here today many peoples in the calle in march, or protest. because yesterday en Colon in a march in the street a worker of the construction dead for a police. the police dar a shot, bullet in the back of this man.

all peoples very annoyed, and today all the country in street and march with many stones and stick, and to throw for the police, and police to throw tear gas grenade, and also water that itchy or agua que da picazon en el cuerpo.

dicen las noticias que tomorrow also ellos van para marcha and protest again en la morning early. toda la ciudad estuvo paralizada, or all the city Panama was halt or stopped all the places until the it’s one o’clock of the afternoon.

i love you baby (and esteemed readers on panama after hours). baby call me tomorrow in the night for phone sex ok.


On the net – Unions Clash With Police

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  1. see what happens when you leave the country cojito? no one to keep everyone in line here.

    it was an interesting day…but understandable the conflict given the growing distance between haves and have nots…power vs the people…those with guns and those without. today seems much quieter. at lease once they get things out of their system, the panamanians are still a laid back and peaceful people.

    look forward to having you back here to stir things up more regularly.