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james bond in panama

producers of the latest james bond flick are off to a rough start. first they decided to film much of the movie in panama. then they turned down my killer titles “live and let’s have another abuelo,” and “the spy who loved sancocho.” instead they opted for the much less catchy “quantum of solace.”

they chose casco viejo, the bay of panama, and colon for shooting locations. ironically, a shooting war broke out and james bond was not involved. i don’t think producers could have predicted that. they had to assume the natives would be worn down from carnival and all that rioting. the good news is that no one famous or white was hurt.

in this 007 installment the british super-spy is a wounded man bent on revenge. you’ll remember bond, played by daniel craig, was betrayed by his lover in casino royale. and like many men getting over a woman, james flees to panama to lick his wounds.

Gemma Arterton has been cast as a Bond girl. pray she’s not colombian, because i don’t think bond could handle another betrayal right now. the trailer says that as part of the grieving process bond ends up battling a “shadowy cabal trying to bring down the world economy.”

sounds like he’s after Bush/Cheney this time out.

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