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Machete Man Haz Point

There’s a lunatic on Moin beach waving a machete. It sounds like he’s screaming: “guns are for fags!” He’s about a hundred yards away as I write this -so I’ve got a running start. He stumbles across the sand, hard brown belly exposed, growling, thrashing, and sweating like a peccary on a tropical Slip ‘n Slide.

Now to be fair, machetes and psychotic behavior are not all that unusual in Central America. -Particularly the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. But paired with anti-gun activism? That’s new. Gun sales are at an all time high in Costa Rica.

Truth be told, I worry about increasing gun violence in the Americas. And I’d love to hear more about this gun-ownership/faggotry connection. But the bus to San Jose is due soon and I still need to pack my bags.

Just bad timing really.

They say an environmentalist rescuing turtles was tortured and killed near here recently. And the US embassy warns that “armed robbery continues to be the primary criminal threat facing tourists in the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.”  But traveling Costa Rica still feels safer than giving head in Africa. At least, that’s how I see it anyway.

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  1. Hey thanks for the insight. I visited recently and witnessed all the barred houses and security guards at a cafe for gods sake! Do you still live there? Where’s the best place you’ve been? Panama? I heard a lot of good things about Chili