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Cannabis in Costa Rica


(Tico signage @Albatz )

Cannabis is illegal in Costa Rica. But I had no trouble finding someone to sell me weed -particularly along the surfing coasts. In the clubs, casinos, streets and beaches I met the usual suspects: hippies, rasta-types, taxi drivers, strippers.

There is a subtle stoner-culture in Costa Rica. I met several folks eager to smoke up. Not all of them were gringos. There’s even a Facebook page set up for Cannabis legalization in Costa Rica.

We paid $60 for an ounce in Dominical last time there. We picked it up from a local surfer. It was low grade bud to be sure. But strong enough to soften the rigors of Central American travel. Back in San Jose, I ran into an escort at the Blue Marlin who was selling really dank sativa for $150 an ounce.

The locals assured me marijuana laws are rarely enforced in Costa Rica. I never ran into any trouble. But as an outsider, I’d advise you to be careful. Avoid the border. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stoned tourists make plump targets for thieves, crocodiles and corrupt cops.

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