in Costa Rica

“Pura Bullshit”

Reader response to Crime in Costa Rica :

“On my 10th consecutive year going back and forth to Costa Rica we have officially marked this place off the list for good! I’ll be heading to Panama or Nicaragua for all my Families beach and surfing needs as well.

“Just returned from a 6 week planned trip after 1 day. Showed up at an apartment we rented time and time again for years in what we thought was a safe place. Had your standard 8ft cement wall with metal spikes, gated with an armed guard – sounds safe, right?

“Our 10th year in a row staying here – we know all the locals, the owners and the staff. The first night within this compound our apartment was broken into while me, my wife and 2 small children were asleep … We were robbed of everything we owned including over $3000 of cash for rent and tours, phones, passports, documents, clothes, bags, etc …

“And all the owner could say was “did you not have your valuables locked up in the safe at the front desk”… We know for a fact one of the little shady employees was behind it.

“There’s a reason why every single nice home and estate in this area are for sale – people are cutting their losses and getting the F out!! If you do want want great surf Playa Grande, Guanacaste is great – however, you better hide your shit cause that whole town is nothing but little shady ass thieves.

“I’m F’n over it.  Why and the hell would I want to continue to go to a place where I have to watch my back with every possession I have and everything I do to keep from getting robbed. We’ve been careful every time we’ve ever been there with only the occasional stolen shoes, cooler or little thing like that.

“Not to mention the initial allure was the affordable travel, stay & food. Only to notice more and more of price gouging and even the local spots jumping on the band wagon and doubling their prices for food and drinks that were barley worth the original local price.

“I’m sorry, but $4 for a plastic bottle coke is a bit ridiculous. Send me to the most expensive resort town in the US and I guarantee I’m paying $4 for a damn coke …

“All in all – “Pura Vida” = “Pura Bullshit”


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