Sunday Night Music: Luci and The Soul Brokers, Diabla.

Saturday night music: Señor Loop

rolo de sedas


“I am the art. It is my life, what I do. More than a profession, it’s a lifestyle, it’s my dream come true. My escapism. My reality. My drug. My madness and my cure at a time … My karma and my dharma. My slave, my martyrdom and my curse. My blessing. My happiness. My virtue and my salvation.”

Rolando ‘Rolo’ De Sedas

Every time something goes wrong we blame the North Americans. My position here is: Of course they take advantage politically. So will any country in the first world. That’s the way it’s been. But every (third-world) country that finds itself in that position is selling from the inside. It’s our corruption that allows them to do what they do. It’s our inability to articulate, on a national scale, the type of behavior that will justify our screams for justice and fair treatment.” -Ruben Blades