“I hardly feel alive here, which is why to say I live here feels disingenuous. To live abroad, particularly for work, particularly in isolation, inspires a particular kind of surrealism. I wake up around seven from the church bells clanging across the street; I brush my teeth, walk down the hill to work, spend all day with my colleagues and students. At night I go back to the gîte, smoke a cigarette off my balcony, and fall asleep feeling empty, alone, and strange. It feels rude to say I am sad here: there is nothing to be sad about. I am working a dream job, in a beautiful place. But as it is easy to be lonely in a crowd, so it is easy to be depressed …”

– Larissa Pham, The Last Book I Loved.

“… is it a buyers’ market in Panama right now? If we had an actual real estate market that worked by supply and demand it would be, but with money laundering, monopolistic practices and outright theft coming into play we have far from that.”

– Eric Jackson, The Panama News

“According to the Pan American Health Organization, dengue remains a public health problem in the region with 72,227 cases in Central America reported through May.” ( link )

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