“Corruption is still a major problem inside Panama,”  says Prof Orlando Perez, of Central Michigan University. “To some extent it’s systemic to the way Panama’s economy is structured.”

BBC News

“The revenue and expenditure figures with which Panama’s new president (Juan Carlos Varela) will have to work … are increasingly grim. The public treasury has been looted and commitments have been made without any provisions to pay for them. The new administration is just finding out many of the details. The scale is breathtaking for a country of our size.”

Varela will have to choose between austerity moves, raising the deficit limit or a combination of these things.

“According to a recent World Economic Forum survey that examined influence on judiciaries, Nicaragua is believed to be among the world’s most corrupt: Of 142 countries, it ranked 136th. Sergio León, a veteran Bluefields journalist, describes the court system this way: “There is no law and order,” he says.”

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