“According to the Pan American Health Organization, dengue remains a public health problem in the region with 72,227 cases in Central America reported through May.” ( link )

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“What happened when the Russian threat disappeared in 1989? Answer: everything continued much as before.

“The U.S. immediately invaded Panama, killing probably thousands of people and installing a client regime. This was routine practice in U.S.-dominated domains — but in this case not quite as routine. For first time, a major foreign policy act was not justified by an alleged Russian threat.

“Instead, a series of fraudulent pretexts for the invasion were concocted that collapse instantly on examination. The media chimed in enthusiastically, lauding the magnificent achievement of defeating Panama, unconcerned that the pretexts were ludicrous, that the act itself was a radical violation of international law, and that it was bitterly condemned elsewhere, most harshly in Latin America. Also ignored was the U.S. veto of a unanimous Security Council resolution condemning crimes by U.S. troops during the invasion, with Britain alone abstaining.

“All routine. And all forgotten (which is also routine).”

Noam Chomsky: America’s corporate doctrine of power a grave threat to humanity

“President-elect Juan Carlos Varela announced that he will transfer 700 to 1,000 National Border Service, National Air Service and Institutional Protection Service units to provide citizen security. Security experts view this interagency effort as a positive initiative since the National Police is overloaded with crime.”

The Panama Digest

“Because all doors and windows are open to catch the breezes, and all your neighbors’ doors and windows are open as well, and because a lot of living happens on the porches, you get to hear everything. TVs, stereos, arguments, parties, crying babies, barking dogs, phone conversations, political hopefuls driving around and broadcasting their messages over loud-speakers mounted on their vehicles …”

10 Things I Hate About Panama