Who We ?

Gonzo journalism is a style of reporting based on William Faulkner’s idea that the best fiction is far more true than any kind of journalism.” Hunter S. Thompson.

Launched in January 2006, and updated whenever we fucking feel like it, Panama After Dark (aka Panama After Hours, The Panama Pages) is a satirical E-zine about life in Panama. We try to be an alternative to the dissembling and hype, a kind of gonzo travel guide.

Adults only:

Our guide is intended for consenting adults. Anyone easily offended can fuck off.

Panama After Dark has been both praised and damned by critics:

Suzanne said: “Amazing writing. I am a journalist by trade, an author by dream. You narrative makes me feel shame for being the wannabe hack that I am. Hope there’s a book.”

Elle said: “You make me want to vomit.”

Matt of the Panama Report said: “You’re style is killer. I’m a fan. It’s nice to come across one well-done site like yours amidst all the other debacles.”

The late Costa Rica Jones gushed: “You’re one of the best narrative writers alive in my opinion.”

The bitter Panamena chirped, “Crees que eres un segundo Hemingway? No creo.”

Editor/writer Cojito, un pelao tranquilo, lived and owned property in Panama City for six years. He’s from the Boston area where he studied writing and psychology at the University of Massachusetts. To this day he has no idea where to place a comma.

At 45, divorced, and by all accounts, mentally deranged, he gave up his job, sold his flat, and hit the road. After backpacking Costa Rica, he traveled to Panama, where he was beguiled by the warmth, and generosity of its people.

There’s almost no truth to the claim he settled in Panama City so that he’d have 24/7 access to Abuelo, cheap whores and high speed internet porn.

His experiences, chronicled in this E-zine, may be of interest to anyone looking to change their lives, learn Spanish, find love, adventure, or wondering if Panama (and Costa Rica) would make a good home. But be forewarned, Cojito is a known liar.

Fun fact: Cojito is an alias. It was the name of his girlfriend’s three legged dog.

Fun fact 2: While Cojito boasts of having a large penis, it can only be considered large in relation to his girlfriend’s tiny hands.

So that’s it then. If you’ve got something interesting to contribute, that fits the tone of Panama After Dark (for example, hot pics of your Latina girlfriend), either leave a comment, or use the contact page.

Finally, if you’re an editor, publisher, or webmaster needing material consider this Cojito’s portfolio. He’s always looking for work.